Katy Perry: Highest Paid Female On Forbes 100

Move over Beyonce and Taylor Swift! Katy Perry is the highest ranking female on the Forbes 100 List of World's Highest Paid Celebrities!

Along with Floyd Mayweather, One Direction, and Howard Stern, the list has tons of A-Listers, from Jennifer Lawrence to Leonardo DiCaprio.

In Katy's case, she felt very honored to be at the top of the list when it comes to the females, ranking #3 in the overall list. She took to Instagram to share her excitement (and share the fact that she celebrated with Taco Bell, give this girl an endorsement).


Surprises were folks we were sure to make the list. Where are the Kardashians/Jenners? No Kanye West either? Oprah is finally off the list, and I personally am shocked Jimmy Fallon didn't break into the 100 considering everything he's involved in.

Winners of this list also go to Taylor Swift (8) and Calvin Harris (17) for being the most high paid couple, finally dethroning Beyonce (29) and JAY Z (28).


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