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Imma let you finish but... This is the list of VMA nominees and who should win. Miley Cyrus will be hosting, and the awards will take place on August 30. Video of the Year:
Beyoncé - "7/11" - No. Despite the fact that people love "Queen Bey," this video could have been done by some viral nutcase, and just because it's Beyonce, people will worship it.

Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud" -  Runner Up. Ed Sheeran, the king of the nerds had to learn how to be smooth and dance for this. Give him a little credit there.

Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" - If there was a category for "most cameos ever," this would definitely win. Also, in general, we're thinking this will win out because, duh, it's Taylor Swift. With an army of Victoria Secret Models. And Kendrick Lamar carries the tune on his back. 

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - "Uptown Funk" - I think Michael Jackson would have loved this video if Bruno busted more of a move. He's got the look, got the sound, and that "The Way You Make Me Feel" street walking look. But it falls just a teeny bit flat. 

Kendrick Lamar - "Alright" - This should win. Not just because of the cinematics, the black and white, but with everything happening with this country, the message it brings. Kendrick is a true artists, and that should be acknowledged, without Taylor Swift. 

Our Pick: Kendrick Lamar - "Alright"

Best Male Video:
Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud" - Already weighed in on this one, his dancing makes it. 
Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - "Uptown Funk" - Also commented on this - falls a little flat, but could definitely be the contender. 
Kendrick Lamar - "Alright" - A lead contender in this category as well, given the message. 
The Weeknd - "Earned It" - This video gives me the creeps, and I read the Fifty Shades trilogy. I expected a lot more creativity from The Weeknd. 
Nick Jonas - "Chains" -  I have never watched this video until this moment. And it actually makes me have a completely different outlook on Nick Jonas. The cinematography and art direction is amazing.

Our Pick: Nick Jonas - "Chains"

Best Female Video:
Beyoncé - "7/11" - Already weighed in on this - I really think this video is terrible. 
Taylor Swift - "Blank Space" - The song may not be a favorite for most, but the fact that Taylor is doing these as mini-movies is going to get her the props for creativity. 
Nicki Minaj - "Anaconda" - This may be Taylor's only challenge, and for one specific reason: DAT BOOTY.
Sia - "Elastic Heart" - My eyes were wide open for every single second and I honestly have no clue what just happened. And Shia LaBeouf chasing a little kid around in a leotard scares me. 
Ellie Goulding - "Love Me Like You Do" - The thing that throws this video out of the category is that they inserted scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey into it. It throws you off the balance of the video. Also, doesn't it look like Ellie and Ed Sheeran had the same idea? Hey, let's learn how to dance. 

Our Pick: Taylor Swift - "Blank Space"

Best Hip Hop Video:
Fetty Wap - "Trap Queen" - I was hoping that Fetty was going to bring it, but sadly, this video is generic. 
Nicki Minaj - "Anaconda" - Definite contender for scene and booty. 
Kendrick Lamar - "Alright" - I say this defines the category, but I think it's one of the best I've seen in general. 
Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth - "See You Again" - As I said with Ellie Goulding, sometimes you get distracted from scenes from the movie, but being that this song ended up honoring Paul Walker, they made sure they did it right. I don't know if that will have the weight in the win though.
Big Sean ft. E-40 - "IDFWU" - I'm a Big Sean fan, but I wasn't 100% sold on this video. It made him seem younger in a way. The song is ace though, so that might give it some clout. 

Our Pick: Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth - "See You Again"

Best Pop Video:
Beyoncé - "7/11" - Nope.
Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud" - Nope.
Taylor Swift - "Blank Space" - Probably.
Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - "Uptown Funk" - Nope.
Maroon 5 - "Sugar" - This MIGHT be a contender, only because of the Aw Factor. Maroon 5 surprised a ton of people at their weddings and sang the song for their music video. 

Our Pick: Maroon 5 - "Sugar"

Best Rock Video:
Hozier - "Take Me To Church" - This video makes me so sad, but it's so good. 
Fall Out Boy - "Uma Thurman" - Funny concept, but doesn't really have any weight to it. 
Florence + the Machine - "Ship To Wreck" - The camera in the third person wandering after Florence is a great set up, but knowing the crowd, Florence won't win.
Walk the Moon - "Shut Up and Dance" - This song is so peppy, and it's a sugar pop hit, but this video, not a hit. Whoever is supposed to sync up the song with the mouthing of the lyrics didn't do the best of jobs, and I thought Walk the Moon was a band, last time I checked? Where's the other members?
Arctic Monkeys - "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" - If Hozier wasn't in this catalog, I'd call this one the win, mostly because that's the young generation - texting at night when they are messed up. Perfect interpretation. 

Our Pick: Hozier - "Take Me To Church"

Artist to Watch:
Fetty Wap - "Trap Queen" - Based on this video, he's just going to be another rapper. The song caught fire, but we'll see if he continues to keep people interested. 
Vance Joy - "Riptide" - This song is great, and the video is relaxing. I don't see him being mainstream, I see him more or less ending up with the Jason Mraz's of the world. 
George Ezra - "Budapest" - This song has gotten a decent amount of play, I could see this being the area of Mumford and Sons / Andrew McMahon and The Wilderness type of genre. 
James Bay - "Hold Back The River" - James Bay might be the only hope we have with some sort of rock music on this list. Still on the hipster end of the love fest, but still is the heaviest hitter here in this list. 
FKA Twigs - "Pendulum" - FKA is going to be too weird for mainstream, and I'm sure she only made this list because people started paying attention to who she's getting married to - Mr. Edward "Rob Pattinson" Cullen. Not to say she's not talented, but she won't fit the demographic. 

Our Pick: James Bay - "Hold Back The River"

Best Collaboration:
Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood"
Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - "Uptown Funk" 
Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth - "See You Again"
Ariana Grande & The Weeknd - "Love Me Harder"
Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - "Bang Bang"

Our Pick: Taylor Swift Feat. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" - Because we know that a collaboration with Taylor Swift is automatically going to be a shoo-in, no matter what, but then on top of that, it's the biggest collaboration with all the other people in it. 


Video With a Social Message:
Jennifer Hudson - "I Still Love You"
Colbie Caillat - "Try"
Big Sean ft. Kanye West and John Legend - "One Man Can Change the World"
Rihanna - "American Oxygen"
Wale - "The White Shoes"

Our Pick: Big Sean ft. Kanye West and John Legend - "One Man Can Change the World" - This song has a great message - that when you have everything, don't forget what's behind you, and to do good with what you've done with your life. 

Best Art Direction:
Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" (Charles Infante)
Snoop Dogg - "So Many Pros" (Jason Fijal)
Jack White - "Would You Fight For My Love" (Jeff Peterson)
The Chemical Brothers - "Go" (Michel Gondry)
Skrillex & Diplo - "Where Are U Now" with Justin Bieber (Brewer)

TIE BREAKER: Taylor Swift Feat. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" VS. Skrillex & Diplo "Where Are U Now" with Justin Bieber - I see T.Swift taking this, per usual, but Skrillex and Diplo's song came up with a great concept, and honestly, the graphics of the paint flowing into Bieber's tattoos are so sick. 

Best Choreography:
Beyoncé - "7/11" (Beyoncé, Chris Grant, Additional choreography: Gabriel Valenciano) 
OK Go - "I Won’t Let You Down" (OK Go, air:man and Mori Harano)
Chet Faker - "Gold" (Ryan Heffington)
Ed Sheeran - "Don’t" (Nappy Tabs)
Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Never Catch Me" (Keone and Mari Madrid)

TIE BREAKER: Chet Faker - "Gold" (Ryan Heffington) VS. Ed Sheeran - "Don’t" (Nappy Tabs)



Best Cinematography:
Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Never Catch Me" (Larkin Sieple)
Ed Sheeran - "Thinking Out Loud" (Daniel Pearl)
Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" (Christopher Probst)
FKA Twigs - "Two Weeks" (Justin Brown)
Alt-J - "Left Hand Free" (Mike Simpson)

Best Direction:
Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" (Joseph Kahn)
Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - "Uptown Funk" (Bruno Mars and Cameron Duddy)
Kendrick Lamar - "Alright" (Colin Tilley & The Little Homies)
Hozier - "Take Me To Church" (Brendan Canty, Conal Thomson)
Childish Gambino - "Sober" (Hiro Murai)

Best Editing:
Beyoncé - "7/11" (Beyoncé, Ed Burke, Jonathan Wing)
Ed Sheeran - "Don’t" (Jacquelyn London)
Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" (Chancler Haynes at Cosmo Street)
A$AP Rocky - "L$D" (Dexter Navy)
Skrillex & Diplo - "Where Are U Now" with Justin Bieber (Brewer)

Best Visual Effects:
Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood" (Ingenuity Studios)
FKA Twigs - "Two Weeks" (Gloria FX, Tomash Kuzmytskyi, and Max Chyzhevskyy)
Childish Gambino - "Telegraph Ave." (Gloria FX)
Skrillex & Diplo - "Where Are U Now" with Justin Bieber (Brewer)
Tyler, The Creator - "F****** Young/Death Camp" (Gloria FX)