5 Things You Need To Know In Pop Culture Today! (Oct. 8)

Here's a rundown of what's in the Pop Culture news this morning, corralled and curated for your viewing pleasure!

Daniel Craig REALLY REALLY REALLY Doesn't Want To Be James Bond Ever Again

Daniel initially felt some sort of pride in the role and said he'd do it as long as he's physically able, but now he'd rather "break this glass and slash my wrists." WELL, THAT'S UNCALLED FOR! According to NME, he'd only do another one for the money, and he doesn't care who succeeds him. He just wants it to be over with.... Well, that's pretty bad press for Spectre, due out on November 6.


Kanye Admits Being Wrong About Beck To Taylor Swift

After explaining to NME that she's going to send texts from now on after her Nicki Minaj fiasco of tweeting her when she thought she was throwing shade, she shares a story about being at dinner with Kanye a week after the Grammy's and he heard a song from Beck's Morning Phase for the first time: "... he stops what he's saying and he goes, ‘What is this song? I need to listen to this every day.’ I said, ‘It's Beck, it's on an album called 'Morning Phase', I think you've heard of it…’ We just burst out laughing. And he says, ‘Hey, sometimes I'm wrong.’" 


Selena Gomez Was Going Through Radiation Treatment, Not Substance Abuse Treatment

Shocking turn of events, and it's hard to keep stuff like this quiet, but apparently Selena Gomez was diagnosed with Lupus and was going through Chemotherapy when the tabloids were saying she was going through substance abuse treatment. "I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again," Selena told Billboard in an interview. She also felt that because of all the hate that came her way, she was more motivated to do good. She also is taking back her body image, and working towards more positive thinking. Way to go, Selena!


Pitbull and Jussie Smollett Have An "Empire Cast" Music Video

The song "No Doubt About It" was such a hit for Empire in their minds, that Jussie and Pitbull now have a music video for the song! Honestly, we're just hoping after this show is over, that the boys all have record deals. Check out the music video below, and also check out the song "Dynasty" below, which was co-written by Bryshere Gray and Timbaland (according to E!)!


Rihanna Reveals Her Album Art and Title For The Next Project

Rihanna's next album will be called ANTI, and she also revealed her album cover on Instagram, which shows a young child with a crown, a balloon, and lots of red. Along with that, she shared a "definition" of ANTI, which has an explanation crediting Roy Nachum for the artwork and trying to push the boundaries of the design.

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