5 Things You Need To Know In Pop Culture Today! (April 25)

Here's a rundown of what's in the Pop Culture news this morning, corralled and curated for your viewing pleasure!

Beyonce Drops HBO Special And New Album, People Think JAY Z Cheated, and BeyHive Confuses Rachel Roy With Rachel Ray

Talk about a really long headline! Here's the short list of what you need to know here:

  1. A lot of Bey's new album Lemonade had lyrics that were about cheating, which leads the general public to believe that JAY Z may have cheated on Beyonce.
  2. Rachel Roy, a name that came up during the "elevator scandal" resurfaces as JAY's possible fling.
  3.  Fans/BeyHive confuses Rachel Ray with Rachel Roy, sending her millions of emojis of lemons on her Instagram, and flooding her social media, while Rachel Roy goes private on Instagram after posting about having good hair (which was one of the lyrics in the songs, "Becky with the good hair."), and amid further backlash, deletes her Instagram.

New York Daily News on Twitter

STUNG BY THE BEYHIVE: Is Rachel Roy "Becky with the good hair" in @Beyonce's "Lemonade?" http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/rachel-roy-faces-jay-z-affair-rumors-beyonce-album-drops-article-1.2612861 ...pic.twitter.com/Vbj8ijTVbT

Further awaiting confirmation that A. Rachel Roy has anything to do with this, and B. That JAY Z still has a pulse.


In Defense Of Kelly Ripa "E!" Article Makes A Lot Of Sense

For someone who's name is listed in the front, on the bill, with more seniority, E! makes a lot of sense posting a story of why they could understand Kelly is upset. E!'s write up says the following:

"Instead, executives decided to inform Ripa of Strahan's exit on Tuesday morning in a meeting, which Strahan attended, along with Live!'s executive producer Michael Gelman, and Dave Davis, the general manager of WABC, just before the rest of us found out. Again, this is the person whose name is in the show's title. A source told E! News that Ripa was "livid" with how the situation was handled. And can you blame her? It was 2011 all over again, when she was informed of Regis Philbin's exit just 20 minutes before he announced it on-air. Forget being offered a chair at the table; she wasn't even invited to the party."

Well, they do have a point.

E! Online on Twitter

Set your DVRs: Kelly Ripa will return to host Live! with Michael Strahan next week. http://eonli.ne/1raEHOi pic.twitter.com/3fq5FSSjuk


Marvel Puts Out A New X-Men Trailer... With A Special Guest

It's all good and well when Marvel puts out a new trailer, but when the claws come out - you can only squeal for Wolverine. He only shows up for maybe 1 or 2 seconds, but those two seconds make it glorious!

X-Men Movies on Twitter

The world needs the #Xmen. #Apocalypse #SoDevastatinghttps://amp.twimg.com/v/e219318d-92ed-4878-9a40-2ddfbcf2a215 ...


Amy Schumer Covers Vanity Fair In The Best Way

Amy's cover leaves her curvy and awesome, and we have to applaud it!

VANITY FAIR on Twitter

Fearless, fierce, and funny, cover star @AmySchumer is on a roll http://vntyfr.com/IDYjsQz pic.twitter.com/Mi6HedrFMA

And, we can't not laugh at the "quote" nestled under Amy's armpit:

Vanessa Lawrence on Twitter

Cute lil' Donald Trump quote nestled underneath Amy Schumer's armpit on the latest @VanityFair cover.pic.twitter.com/n3BKmmFPh4


An Interview With Prince's Brother-In-Law Suggests Prince Was Working Too Hard Before Death

Quoting NME, "Now, in a new interview with The Sun, Prince's brother-in-law has claimed that his relative was not sleeping and was working too hard at the time of his death." "Maurice Phillips, the husband of Prince's sister Tyka, was speaking after a private family service at the estate where Prince was cremated. "He worked 154 hours straight," he told a reporter." Other interviews quoted by NME suggest that Prince didn't look too well. The article from NME says "Max Timander, who works at Electric Fetus, told the Press Association: "Everyone I've talked to on that Saturday said he looked kind of pale and he was not totally looking in the best shape as he normally is. It sounded like he was looking kind of weak. I know he had just got over the flu supposedly." Prince was just cremated and collected by Prince's nephew, Prez Nelson.

TMZ on Twitter

Prince -- Ashes to Ashes (PHOTO)http://dlvr.it/L8JL0z


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