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Is JAY Z Responding To 'Lemonade' With His Own Album?

If so, JAY Z and Beyonce are marketing geniuses. 

Everyone obsessively (us included) listened to Lemonade and religiously worshiped it since it dropped. And if you didn't go that far, you've at the very least talked about it - Did he, didn't he? Who's 'Becky With The Good Hair,' and more.

Well, you might finally get JAY Z's side of the story. In the newest copy of Us Weekly, a source reports that Jay is recording songs that will give us some insight to his viewpoints of his marriage.

Bey's dad and former manager Mathew Knowles says that he thinks the media wants to make it about her, and US quotes him saying “Maybe she dug deep and made it about something we all could relate to." People close to the couple still insist that there were rough patches in their marriage, and now Jay wants to share his side of the tale, says US.

Regardless of if it happened or didn't happen, the body of work that is Lemonade is impeccable and relate-able, not to mention a gold mine. It would be crazy for Jay to not have a response, and get more people to... drink... their... Lemonade...

Had to say it.


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