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Man On Coaster Interrupts Pigeon's Flight

Of all the things I think about on a roller coaster, the last thing I would think about is getting hit by a flying object. Especially a pigeon. Now that I think about it, I'm really surprised it doesn't happen all the time. Or maybe it does, but this is the only documented proof of…

Trailer for The New Edition Story

I can't wait for the BET New Edition Story movie screening on January 7th... to see it on the big screen will be epic! All week we have your chance for tickets to the sneak screening and passes to meet members of the group. Click 'read more' to see the trailer!

Mariah Carey NYE Vocal Fail!

I'm one of the biggest Mariah Carey fans, so I'm going to say that her earpiece fell out, and she couldn't hear, so she didn't want to sing and mess everything up... okay, I gots nothing. That was TURRIBLE (in my Charles Barkley voice)! Click "Read More" to see the video!

I See You, Ayesha Curry

I saw some very interesting things in this video of Steph Curry being interviewed by a very beautiful reporter after his Golden State Warriors set an NBA-record of 73 wins in a season. First, Sonya Curry, Steph's mom, looked like she was pointing out that this reporter was a littletooclose to Steph. Then Ayesha comes over to give…