Voices, hosted by Pebbles

Thank you for checking out my new show Voices. I’ve had a vision for this show for a while, and I’m so excited to be able to finally bring it to you. Voices will feature my conversations with people who are using their voice to make a difference in their communities and around the world.

Voices is a half-hour show where I interview someone who is: active in their community, the voice of those without a voice, an inspiration to those in their community, a voice that’s been silenced, or a new voice hoping to make a difference.

In addition to that half-hour show that will air Sunday mornings at 6:30am, I will also be posting extended versions of the conversations with my guests, along with pictures, links and any information you may want referenced in the show.

Thank you so much for listening and joining me as we get to know the voices making the world a better place. If you have any comments or suggestions for guests, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Voices: Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond is the Associate Minister for Ecological Justice at Bethel AME Church. She's also an activist, artist and a facilitator working to build social movements. Mariama  is using her voice to bring more awareness to climate change, start conversations around uncomfortable issues, and challenge the church to rethink how they reach young people. Mariama…

VOICES: David Delmar from Resilient Coders

David Delmar, also known as Del, is the Founder and Executive Director of Resilient Coders, an organization that teaches at-risk young people from underserved communities in Boston,  how to code. Del is using his voice to create opportunities, change the face of the tech community, and as some of his former students say, change lives.…

Voices: Kaidi Grant - Executive Director of Diamond Girls Boston & Co Owner of Black Market Along With Husband Christopher Grant

Kai Grant is the Executive Director of Diamond Girls Boston. She and her husband Chris have recently opened Black Market in Dudley Square, a retail and cultural space. Kai is using her voice to build self-sufficiency in teenage girls by promoting entrepreneurial thought and action, and to help build up the Dudley Square community.

Voices: Jessica Brayden

Jessica is the Chief Executive Officer of Respond, Inc – the first domestic violence agency in New England, and the second oldest in the nation. Jessica and I talked about: common myths about domestic violence, how to help a friend or family member you suspect is being abused, abuse in men, in the LGBTQ community…

Voices: Lisa Simmons

Lisa Simmons is the Founder and President of the Color of Film Collaborative, the Festival Director of the Roxbury International Film Festival and is the Festivals Program Manager at the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Voices: Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn is a yoga instructor, body positivity advocate and writer. She’s gained a huge following on social media with over 300,000 fans on Instagram who are inspired by her yoga journey. Jessamyn and I talked about her new book Every Body Yoga,learning to love your body, helping you start your own yoga practice, and even…