WATCH: Christina Aguilera – The Real Winner Last Night On The Voice

The winner of The Voice season 8 is….Christina Aguilera!

OK, the real “winner” of the contest was Sawyer Fredericks, but Christina delivered the season’s best performance in video segment that had her impersonating pop divas as Voice judges.

She does a spot on Lady Gaga, Sia, Cher, Shakira, Miley and Britney. Christina as Britney is just too funny for words.

It looks like Lady Gaga was super impressed with Christina’s homage as well. She tweeted “This is my favorite thing I've ever seen!” after viewing the hilarious parody.

Seriously, we can’t stop watching this video. If this singing and judging thing doesn’t work out, Christina can take this impersonation talent on the road. Perhaps to Vegas? We’d pay to see that show for sure.