Who Is The Best Movie Character Of All Time?

Empire Magazine dared to ask fans who the best Movie and TV characters were of all time (separate lists of course, or else they'd be evil for making us try such a thing). We're not surprised who won.


Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones AKA Henry Jones Junior.
Ruggedly handsome as Indy, Ford played arguably one of the most epic and manly characters of all time. The only other character that could have possibly beat the charisma of Indiana is Han Solo.


(Photo compiled from Getty Images by Christopher Polk [90713093] and Francois Durand [81141960])
(Photo compiled from Getty Images by Christopher Polk [90713093] and Francois Durand [81141960])
Though the issue is slated to be reveled on June 25, E!Online blew the surprise! The issue, dubbed 100 Greatest Movie Characters, has many other notations, including Han Solo ranking number 3, James Bond at Number 2, The Joker (Batman) at 6,  Tyler Durden (Fight Club), and Darth Vader (Star Wars) at number 9.  I'm seeing a theme here, action flicks, and mostly men.

E! also reports the top TV Characters, which included Walter White from Breaking Bad as #1 (I hear Heisenberg saying "Say My Name"), Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones as number 2, Jack Bauer (24) on number 8, and of course, Frank Underwood of Netflix's House Of Cards rounds out the list at 10 (which honestly, in my honest opinion, he should have been right below Walter White).

The only two females to grace these lists were Ripley from Alien (played by Signorney Weaver) and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

Glancing at this list, it seems a little nerd-centric! Do you agree? Who would you have picked?

Check out E!'s chronological lists, or pick up an Empire on stands this 25th. 


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