Nick Gordon Fixed "Toxic Cocktail" for Bobbi Kristina Says Lawsuit

The more we find out about Bobbi Kristina Brown, the more sad her death becomes. 

According to Rolling Stone, the estate, managed by conservator Bedelia Hargrove says that Nick Gordon "gave Bobbi Kristina a toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious and then put her face down in a tub of cold water."

It wasn't the first time that Gordon was speculated to injure Bobbi Kristina, as he beat her in front of a witness until her face was bloody and lost a tooth. Other reports state that the night that Bobbi Kristina was found, Gordon had been accused of cheating, and that they went to argue in another room, away from the witness (who's been described as 1. A Witness or 2. Another woman), and then it became "abruptly quiet."

Nick had changed his clothes, according to the witness, and fifteen minutes later, the house guest found Bobbi Kristina face down in the tub.

Gordon is still saying that he loved Bobbi Kristina more than anything, and has hailed defense for himself.

He also has since protected his tweets on Twitter, so nobody can keep tabs on him, but still has his profile avatar the photo of him and "Krissy."

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