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The Case Of Ben Affleck's Nanny: What Do We Know?

Well, this whole situation keeps getting more and more interesting. And it's partially due to this little thing called Instagram. You may have heard of it?

The nanny, named Christine Ouzounian, is loving all of the attention surrounded in Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's divorce, and it's seeming as if she's trying to get caught.

Thos pictures of her and Ben that surfaced? According to Entertainment Tonight, "Late last month, a source told ET exclusively that Ouzounian actually 'tipped off the paparazzi' about a July 17th rendezvous with Affleck, so that photos would be taken of her and the Oscar-winning actor together." Sounds like somebody is trying to get a little attention?

Then, she somehow ends up on this trip to Vegas with Ben... and Tom Brady? Eye witnesses say she was with Ben's staff the entire time, but c'mon, if you've not got the kids, what are you doing there? AND WHY ARE YOU WEARING TOM BRADY'S SUPERBOWL RINGS?! Plus, oh yeah, post it on Instagram, because that's not going to get out, even if your profile is PRIVATE (yeah, we checked).

Now she's bragging that she's got a Lexus. I wonder how a Nanny can afford that... Once again, Instagram bragging.

Ben has repeatedly said that the media is full of lies on this subject, but then why do you think she continues to pop up?

What do you think?


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