What Is It Exactly About Friday The 13th?

Are you a Friggatriskaidekaphobe? In case you aren't sure, that's someone who has a fear for Friday the 13th

Unless you've spilled your coffee on yourself, tripped over your midnight black cat, or had Jason with a machete rapping at your chamber door, Friggatriskaidekaphobe today, but we thought we'd give you just a little background as to why Friday the 13th became such an iconic day - way before it became a grusomely awesome horror movie.

Folks say that it was because of the crucifixion (Jesus was the 13th guy at the table, according to NY History), and some say it was Captain William Fowler, who created and curated 13 of a lot of random things, then deciding to create The Thirteen Club.

The Thirteen Club is said to have their meetings on the 13th only, and was created under the assumption to dispell any worries around the 13th. According to NY History, Fowler supposedly created a dinner party for 13 people, in which they had to pass through other superstitious boundaries, like "to reach their meal guests passed beneath a ladder and under a banner that read 'Morituri te Salutamus,' or 'Those of us who are about to die salute you.'" There were also 13 courses of dinner, but the guests were discouraged of throwing salt over their shoulders.

According to TheParisReview.org, a year later, they took note that “out of the entire roll of membership … whether they have participated or not at the banquet table, NOT A SINGLE MEMBER IS DEAD, or has even had a serious illness."

Obviously all of this is up to speculation, but it does paint an interesting picture of where the myth began... Other than Jason Voorhees, otherwise known as "That creepy dude carrying a machete wearing a goalie mask."

If you choose not to believe in all of that - here's at least some memes for you to giggle away at and share with your coworkers. Happy Friday the 13th!



Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”