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Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" Gets SLAUGHTERED By Critics

This is not Because The Internet. 

Looks like nobody was prepared to hear the new sound that came from Donald Glover's Childish Gambino project, which gravitated away rap music completely, and dove into something a little bit deeper.

Within the first bars of "Me And Your Mama," we understand USA Today's comment on the sound falling in the genre of "teenage stoner down the block who just discovered his dad’s Jimi Hendrix collection." That's probably one of the tamest insults, to be honest.

The Standard is a bit more gracious, dubbing the album "psychedelic soul stew and a howling singing style," and citing George Clinton and Prince as clear influences.

Complex goes as far as to call the entire album a "misfire" right in the headline and in tweets, which is most likely opposite of what Glover was trying to accomplish, and the writer of it's review flambe's Glover's efforts, saying "'Awaken, My Love!' should have an asterisk next to it in his discography, indicating that it was an interesting experiment that didn’t pan out," and that "Glover’s voice isn’t strong enough, his songwriting isn’t as deeply felt—in fact, it’s often banal—and his band doesn’t have the chops."

Talk about harsh!

In comparison to artists tho float closer to the line of celebratory music of "black culture," such as Kendrick Lamar, it may not be as strong, but we wouldn't call the album a "flop," but more for a "committed ear" with an "open mind."


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