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This NY Bar Serves Holiday Drinks Out Of A Snow Globe

'Tis the season to drink and be merry, but what if we told you that there is a bar in NYC taking things a step further.

LOCL at Nylo Hotel is making every adult's childhood fantasies come true and is serving their holiday booze in a unique glass...a snow globe!

According to Cosmopolitan, LOCL's signature holiday drink, Shakespeare's Globe is a cocktail made with "gin, root beer, vanilla syrup, cointreau, Douglas Fir liqueur (booze that tastes like a Christmas tree), and is garnished with edible disco glitter."

Sounds like a Christmas miracle to us!

Take a look at the Instagram-worthy drink below!


The Holiday Cocktails at NYLO are jingle bell rocking ????????☃ well done on the menu and this amazing vessel @muddling_memories @nylohotels #thirstynyc

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Put alcohol inside snow globes & they will come #mariahpredrinks #xmas

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When doing a quick Google Search on if "Snow Globe Cups" exist, I cannot find any. Sounds like a new invention for next year's festivities!


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Additional commentary by Amy Cooper.