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Everything You Need To Know About The #TyreseChallenge

Another day, another challenge. Instagram has taken the world of viral challenges to a whole new level.

Recently popular challenges included the #MannequinChallenge, #UNameItChallenge and the #SouljaBoyChallenge. While Soulja Boy himself hasn’t lost speed, the challenge craze has moved on and claimed another victim, Tyrese.

The #TyreseChallenge is hilarious and honestly it's crazy to think it took so long for someone to think of it.

If you follow Tyrese on Instagram you already know he is famous for his lengthy captions and ever-so-passionate videos. Everything Tyrese speaks about has the same super serious and intense tone. Some days it's about love, his daughter, a movie, talking about a new CD. Other days it's just sharing a teachable moment. And the #TyreseChallenge was born.

Celebs have even joined in on the trend, taking the most seemingly pointless topics and turning them ultra serious. However, the vital piece of the #TyreseChallenge is mastering the deep Tyrese voice.

Kevin Hart joined in on the fun recently and nailed it.

Kevin Hart nailed the tyrese challenge

Uploaded by Kevin Hart on 2017-01-10.


Former fellow group member Tank took some time to really make us laugh as well.

Tank Does The Tyrese Challenge (The Best One)

Tank Does The Tyrese Challenge Tank Does The Tyrese Challenge Tank Does The Tyrese Challenge


The good news is Tyrese thinks the challenge is hilarious and all in good fun.

Please stop it's not funny anymore

See this Instagram photo by @tyrese * 18.1k likes

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