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Meet Yana, The Two-Faced Cat

With half of her face ginger and the other half black, it is no wonder that people are falling in love with Yana the cat.

After being adopted last year by her owner Elizabeth, the internet cannot get enough of Yana’s two-faced features.

Смотрите какой пирожочек был маленький?? #yanatwofacecat

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Когда попробовала ёлку на вкус? #yanatwofacecat

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Больше спасибо за поздравления?, вчера весь день улыбка не сходила с моего лица? Кстати, историю о нас с Янкой можно прочесть по ссылке в профиле? Хорошего дня? #yanatwofacecat

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Elizabeth, a student at the National Technical University in Minsk, started an Instagram page for her feline friend. The page became an overnight sensation and gained over 20,000 followers instantly.


Happy birthday to me? Янка самая первая поздравила, принесла мне конфетку? Но на самом деле она как пёсик?, бросаешь конфетку и она приносит обратно??? Исполняю её пожелание?: Держу ушки на макушке и хвост пистолетом? #yanatwofacecat #happybirthday

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The cat was found online after her previous owner posted an ad trying to find a new home for her. Needless to say because of the cat’s appearance, everyone wanted Yana.


Yana’s unlikely appearance is due to a genetic disorder called Chimeras which is a rare disorder that mixes multiple chromosomes in one organism.


Носик сладенький спит? #yanatwofacecat

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Красотка подросла немного? #yanatwofacecat

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Her owner is extremely “grateful to the former owners of this fluffy miracle”. Elizabeth’s adoption of Yana has “totally changed her life”. We do not blame her! Looking at Yana’s Instagram page, our lives have changed as well.


У нас в семье новая малышка? #yanatwofacecat

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