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Glamour: Kandi’s New Girl Group

Real housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burris, is no stranger to making money.

Kandi always has her hands in something smart and profitable. She has Bedroom Kandi, a restaurant, her son’s new line and now a blossoming girl group, Glamour.

Getting ready to perform in Louisiana! Show about to be a smash we can already taste it.

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Glamour consists of three adorable young ladies Kaylan, Moriah and Lady. The Atlanta girl group has been featured on the hit FOX show "Star" and recently performed in the daytime talk show "The Real".

Our introduction to daytime tv! A major blessing for us. #thereal

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If you follow them on Instagram (@officiallyGlamour) you’ll see that they are very talented. They sing, dance and are known for putting their own twist on familiar songs.


The group recently released a mixtape titled "Slaytape" where they redid popular songs from Destiny Child.

So we did a mashup of @destinyschild survivor with #aaliyah #rockmyboat tell us what you think. And watch the full video on our YouTube

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Taking on songs from one of the greatest girl groups of all time is no easy task but they did them justice. It's hard to remake anything that people consider classic, simply because people like things like that untouched.


I think these girls have the potential to be big, especially under the leadership of former girl group member herself, Kandi. She’s a Grammy award winning songwriter and with the hard work and dedication these girls can follow in her footsteps. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Glamour.



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