Update On 50 Cent/Chris Brown Tour

Just days before the scheduled first show, 50 Cent has been dropped as the main guest from Chris Brown’s “The Party Tour.”

TMZ reported that negotiations fell through after 50 and Live Nation were apparently “hundreds of thousands of dollars apart.” The two sides had initially agreed on a number, so Live Nation began printing promotional items with the rapper’s name on it.

But, as time has proven, the two sides were not in complete agreeance and 50 pulled his name from the tour roughly two weeks ago. But, the tour continued to build around the Queens-rapper as the lead guest for another week and fans have since aired their grievances.

Some fans claimed they bought tickets just to see the 50, but reports say that no refunds will be given as headliner Chris Brown is still on the ticket.

Fiddy has since taken to his Instagram to dispel any false rumors, responding to the TMZ article by posting, “I would never say my friends can’t afford me. This run wasn’t handled correctly, I’m still on set filming Den of Thieves. #effenvodka.”


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