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Who Can Forget "Roger That"?! Relive Tom Brady's New Shields MRI Commercial! (VIDEO)

Tom Brady takes a clever shot at Roger Goodell in his new Shields MRI commercial!

Tom Brady's "Let's GO" was a big part of the drive for ring number five!  Now that the job is done, I think "Roger that" is the perfect ending to the "revenge tour"!

Tom Brady Commercial for Shields MRI. 5 Rings #Rogerthat

Tom Brady wins ring 5 and is at Shields MRI in new commercial. Roger that!

In case you missed his previous Shields MRI commercial...

Tom Brady for Shields MRI & Shields Health Care

Uploaded by ShieldsHealthCare on 2016-10-05.

What an unbelievable comeback for the Patriots!  I am still in shock!  Congratulations to Tom Brady as well as the ENTIRE Patriots team and organization!  "One more" is a reality!