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Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and answered questions about President Trump’s tweets, fake news, Melissa McCarthy playing him on “SNL” and more!

He seems to be a little less upset at Melissa McCarthy’s “SNL” skits about him these days…

Sean Spicer on Melissa McCarthy's Portrayal of Him

Sean reveals what he thinks of Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of him on SNL and Jimmy shows a picture of them from 2007.

Jimmy asked the question that I was wondering about President Trump’s tweets…

Sean Spicer on Trump's Tweets & Fake News

Sean talks about Donald Trump's tweeting habit, and he reveals how he feels about the press corps and fake news.

Here’s the FULL twenty minute interview…

Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with Sean Spicer

Sean talks about Donald Trump's tweeting, his Inauguration crowd size, fake news, Melissa McCarthy's impersonation of him, Anthony Scaramucci and more.