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A Red Sox Pop-up Shop Is Open Today On Newbury Street! (INFO)

The Red Sox kick off their postseason tomorrow in Houston and to celebrate they've opened a pop-up shop today on Newbury Street where they're giving away free stuff!  Here are the details...

The Red Sox pop-up shop is open from 10am until 6pm today at 328 Newbury Street in Boston!

Red Sox on Twitter

???? We're open for business! ???? We're on Newbury for #PopUpSox! Get your #WinAdvanceRepeat gear and get pumped for the #postseason! https://t.co/58QbweT91u

I love the new hashtag... "#WinAdvanceRepeat"!

Red Sox on Twitter

???? #PopUpSox Sneak Peek ???? We're stocked with free #Postseason tees & posters! ???? Newbury St ???? TOMORROW ⏰ 10am-6pm https://t.co/BZzRgdK2Kg

Let's go RED SOX!  I'm hoping for a lot of advancing and outfield dancing!

Red Sox on Twitter

Your 2017 #RedSox are on their way! https://t.co/zZhRzP9kJI