Migos Accused of Stabbing Rapper in LA

Rapper XXXtentacion says he was jumped by Migos in LA.  It happened yesterday outside X’s hotel…X posted a videos which he later deleted on his IG sayin’ he was out walkin’ with his girl and a friend, when all three boys from Migos and a bodyguard jumped him and even pulled a gun on him.  There’s no details as to what started this fight but X and Migos have had words in the past…they just don’t like each other.X posted a bunch of videos on IG braggin’ about how he got some punches in…he drew blood…and went on snapchat showin’ his stab wound.  No word from Migos yet…no arrests…X says he’s not pressing charges.

Check out XXXtentacion's videos that were deleted below:

Xxxtentacion Post Video Of Migos Offset Fleeing With Bodyguard After Fight

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