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Eminem's Album Leaks Early, Some Very Mixed Reviews

Well, this is awkward. 

Two days before Eminem's anticipated 'REVIVAL' release, the internet somehow obtained a leak of the album, one in which sent Twitter ablaze, with some very strange responses.

It's safe to say, either people absolutely LOVE it, or ABSOLUTELY hate it.

NSFW language ahead.

Legen on Twitter

I'm finally now seeing the "trend" to hate on everything #Eminem does. Honestly so many people are letting mob mentality fuck up their potenital liking of the album. Its so sad. The album is fucking flames idgaf ???? #Eminem #REVIVAL leak

Trey on Twitter

Alex Da Kid is the absolute worst hip hop producer EVER. His production is every stadium rock, white rapper milquetoast power ballad stereotype rolled in one. The second I see his name in the credits, I completely tune out.


???????????????? ???? on Twitter

I did not wait 4 whole fucking years to listen to a leak...I support my artist. I'll be waiting for the official release to listen to Revival and giving @Eminem the support he deserves.


Matt on Twitter

Listened to the #Revival leak. Best line Em said on the whole album is: "But Marshall, you are terrific, so smart and gifted / I'm so narcissistic, when I fart, I sniff it" on "Offended".


Yaki 3.0 on Twitter

Ed Sheeran having the best verse on an Eminem album is hopefully the end of 2017's third act.


2.0 Soon on Twitter

Eminem's #Revival sounds absolutely firee????????


Kieran Kaunhoven on Twitter

Just finished my first listen to Eminems revival album leak. Wasn't great...


Well, it looks like there's a lot of skewed perspectives - so, it's hard to know what to expect until we get to hear the REAL RELEASE on Friday the 15th of December.


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