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Over the weekend, TMZ reported that a gun had been found that was linked to Tupac‘s murder. 

“The handgun used to shoot and kill Tupac Shakur turned up in a Compton backyard — 19 years ago — but, mysteriously, no one in law enforcement seems to know where it is today.”

Producers of the A&E series ‘Who Killed Tupac’ dug up the information, and it was listed as a .40 caliber glock that was found in a Compton backyard in 1998. The address was noted as the home of a girlfriend of someone from the Crip gang, who had known to “have a beef” with Tupac, according to TMZ’s report. The Deputy who found the information during research for Notorious B.I.G.‘s murder had the ballistic run and it was a match.

According to the report on TMZ, the weapon was never transferred to Vegas where the murder occurred, which you think would have been the first step, but apparently, a federal prosecutor had advised against it.

Now, nobody knows where the gun went. OF COURSE! I can’t say I’m shocked but knowing so much about the murders of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., it’s extremely frustrating and adds to the creepy, conspiracy of it all.



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