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We don’t mean to over-analyze, but some of these songs do leave you with a lot of pondering thoughts.

When you’ve listened to the same songs repeatedly for many years, you start to really dive into the lyrics, and start deciphering the true story (or lack thereof), sometimes you have to wonder what they were really thinking when they were in the studio.


Shaggy – “It Wasn’t Me”


Did Shaggy and his friend really think that denying that it “wasn’t him” was going to work if she caught him in multiple rooms and on camera? Do you know how hard it is to move from room to room during “the deed?” If you catch your man cheating, clearly, in multiple spots around his house, I’m pretty sure denying it was you will cement the end of that relationship. Still, it was super catchy.


Outkast – “Hey Ya!”


Did you know that you’re not supposed to shake a Polaroid picture? I know that it helps it dry faster, but it actually can damage the photo – so much so, when the song came out, Polaroid issued a statement that was sent out by CNN. Furthermore, how does one “shake it,” i.e. most likely the butt, like a Polaroid picture? Just think about that for a moment, alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright, OKAY NOW, LADIES!


Nelly – “Hot In Herre”

Nelly is the king of asking questions or making notions that make no sense. (Lest we forget, “Is that your a** or your mama half reindeer?” in “Shake Ya Tailfeather.”) But today, we focus on “Hot In Herre” with “Stop pacing, time wasting, I gotta a friend with a pole in the basement (What?) I’m just kidding like Jason.”

First of all, the whole song is about getting naked, so why would a chick be offended that he offered up a pole in exchange if she was already cool with getting completely naked in the club? But what I really want to know within this whole exchange (women’s rights aside), who is Jason, and why is he a reference of how much Nelly is “kidding?”


Petey Pablo – “Raise Up”


How exactly does North Carolina show that they are “Raising Up?” Apparently, you take off your shirt and twist it around your head like a helicopter. But for real, how does that signal anything? I feel like the only effective reason to do that is if you were trying to flag down a helicopter and you were stranded on an island.


Next – “Too Close”


While it shouldn’t be a huge shock that most songs are about sex, getting turned on, etc, there’s not really much wordplay or things to be hidden within the lyrics of Next. It’s literally a song about getting… well, “feel a little poke coming through.” Who’s idea was it to straight up talk about getting aroused while dancing? I mean, we don’t hate it. We love it. I’m just curious.



Regardless of all the jokes we’ve got in these analyses, they really don’t make songs like this anymore. RIP early 2000’s rap. We will forever celebrate your creativity.


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