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Jennifer Lawrence has a message for the haters …

Recently, the actress posed alongside several actors on a chilly London day.

While the men looked nice and warm in their winter attire, JLaw chose to wear a dress that many felt was more appropriate for the summer months.

Naturally, the Twitterverse reacted, and were not very kind — To say the least.

In a Facebook post, JLaw addressed the criticism with class. She told people they needed to get a grip and she let everyone know she was only outside for five minutes. She went on to say she would have stood outside in the snow because she loved the dress so much, and refused to cover up just because it was a little chilly.

You tell ’em, JLaw!

In a world where there are so many serious issues to be concerned about, picking on Jennifer Lawrence for her choice of attire in cold weather seems rather silly!

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