Maybe it’s selfish or possibly it’s just natural, but when fans mourn the death of a celebrity a fair amount of the sorrow has to do with the fans own personal story and not that of the celebrity’s.

Hip Hop lost another artist who without a doubt contributed to the culture in Craig Mack. Mack’s hit song “Flava In Ya Ear” dropped in 1994 under Bad Boy Records and because of that song in my opinion, the sound of Hip Hop instantly shifted. It has been reported that he died at his home in Walterboro, South Carolina on Monday night at the young age of 47 and apparently it was due to natural causes.

I heard the news this morning and instantly sent a text message to a friend about it and their reply was “Are you really that upset?” I paused for a moment because I couldn’t believe that someone would ask a question like that, not right now, but it did make me think. The answer was yes, but when I answered why, it became clear to me that it was more about me than it was about Craig Mack.

When I hear about anyone passing my thoughts and prayers are instantly for that person, their family and loved ones and when it comes to celebrities it’s no different. However a major difference is that I have no personal connection to any celebrity that has passed away. Chances are we have never met, talked or developed a personal relationship. So is my feeling of deep sorrow for their passing coming from a genuine place or not? The answer is that it is genuine and here’s why.

Craig Mack’s career was brief, but during his prime I was a kid and his music was a part of a collection of Hip Hop that was the soundtrack to my life. Moments of innocence, joy, sadness, anger and every other emotion you can think of, Mack along with many other music artists were there with me for the ride. When an artist who you’ve grown up listening to dies, a little bit of you dies on the inside too. The memory of where you were when you first heard a song by that artist just isn’t the same anymore. The all out joy you’re used to feeling when one of their songs gets played somehow loses that energy, even if it’s a small amount. Ultimately we mourn their passing and at the same time mourn the tampering of our memories associated with that celebrity. It may feel selfish, but it’s not. You may not have had a personal relationship with a celebrity who has passed away, but best believe that through their art a bond was made. Craig Mack, thank you for your music and rest in peace.


(Check out some of Craig Mack’s music below)

G. Dep - Special Delivery (the remix)

G. Dep featuring Ghost Face Killah, Keith Murray, Craig Mack, P. Diddy Special Delivery