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Meek Mill has been out of jail for two days and in his first televised interview, he tells Lester Holt he doesn’t feel free.  According to Meek: “I haven’t slept one minute since I’ve been out of prison. It’s actually like a culture shock coming from a small cell back into the real world, so I think my body has to adjust at this point.”

He goes on to say he has a LOT of responsibility now:

“I don’t feel free. I ain’t feel free since I caught this case at the age of 19, I’m 30 now.

I believe God is my first lawyer, I always believed that and I got a strong team behind me, I got a lot of support. It’s a lot of light shed on my situation.

I’ve got a lot of responsibility, I’ve got a lot of important people depending on me. I’m talking about the men that’s depending on me going through the same thing I’m going through.”

The entire interview will air in an upcoming episode of “Dateline.”