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Lil’ Yachty wants to do a “big edm song” – and ends up in the middle of a DJ feud!

The claws came out when Deadmau5, a DJ who ranked high in 2010/2011 responded to the tweet “I’m good. Thanks.”


Lil’ Yachty responded that he “didn’t ask” him in particular – and then Deadmau5 tries to prompt Yachty to play Battleground, which caused a response of “Suck my ****, I play fortnite.”

Though you think that would be the end of that – but then Diplo comes out of the woodwork and delivers the burn!


Maybe Deadmau5 will learn to not respond to people so hastily after that burn. No word if Lil’ Yachty will be working with Diplo after that exchange.