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Not only did he throw a killer party for under $400, that same party brought his collaboration with Kanye West

If you haven’t seen this clip, it’s ridiculous. Jamie tells Stephen Colbert about his partying history with Diddy, and it’s full of celebrity cameos.

So, back in the days when Diddy, at the time Puff Daddy, was throwing his white parties by the pool (think “Shake Ya Tailfeather”), he tells Jamie Foxx that the party cost him a millon+. Jamie says nah – I can throw you a party for under $400.

So he does the deed when Puff comes to town, and rounds up TV, Actors, and some up-and-comers that weren’t even big yet. We’re talking Jay Z, Pharrell, and more. Well, Kanye West strolls into the house, backpack on, and…. well, let Jamie tell you the rest.