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Meghan Markle’s freckles have inspired a bizarre new trend.

For years, women used to try to cover up their freckles with makeup.

In recent years, however, freckles have become popular again, and many women have chosen to wear them proudly.

On Meghan Markle’s wedding day, she wore a thin layer of foundation and walked down the aisle with her freckles on full display.

According to the New York Post, Meghan’s freckles have inspired other women who don’t have freckles to get tattoos of Meghan’s freckle look.

Unlike normal tattoos, freckle tattoos are not permanent, rather they will vanish in about three years.

So, if you change your mind after the fact, the good news is you’re not stuck with freckles forever.

Have you considered getting tattoos that resemble Meghan Markle’s freckles?

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