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Live Tweeting Vs. Minding Your Own Business! (VIDEO)

I saw this "Plane Bae" story and it made me mad!  What do you think?

I saw this story on "Good Morning America" today and it annoyed me.  In a world where it seems every minute of a majority of people's lives is documented on social media, which is OK if that's what someone CHOOSES to do, and as a person who still believes that people have a right to some privacy, I don't think it was right that this couple live tweeted every moment of these two people's interaction on this flight!  I am not saying that their intentions were mean-spirited and I understand that it seemed like a romantic movie come-to-life, but it WASN'T a movie, it was REAL LIFE!  If this man and woman wanted to share their experience with the world on social media, then that's fine.  But I don't think that it was right for someone else to do it without their knowledge.

Good Morning America on Twitter

Woman who switched seats with another passenger tweets play-by-play of potential love connection. We're rooting for you #PlaneBae! https://t.co/UGWCl7zG9Q https://t.co/GflXb1OOPr