Kanye Reportedly Helped Fuel Pusha T and Drake Beef

Apparently releasing the huge Scorpion album wasn't enough, Drake now has a new freestyle out... and no one is safe.

In the freestyle, he reportedly raps about everyone from Pusha T to Kanye, starting the rap out by saying, “I can’t name a girl or a rapper I trust.” We all know about the beef that was started with Pusha T outed Drake as having a secret baby, but did you ever wonder how he got that information?

A lot of people are speculating that Drake had originally planned to reveal he had a son in his album Scorpion that he worked on with Kanye, but before it was released, Pusha T had a studio session with Kanye, which is apparently when Kanye gave Pusha T a sneak peak of Scorpion and the baby news.

Pusha T took advantage of learning that piece of information, and the rest is history. Do you think it wasn't cool of Kanye to show someone else the music Drake was working on? Do you think they're all actually cool with each other and this was just a marketing scheme?

Listen to the Freestyle below:

Drake - Behind Barz | Link Up TV

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