Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Big Sean's Twitter Was Reportedly Hacked

Oh no.

Big Sean is reminding us why it's important to keep our passwords strong. The rapper reportedly had his Twitter hacked and the hacker had a field day posting all kinds of messed up tweets. Ariana Grande, who dated Big Sean back in 2015, seems to be the main subject of most of the tweets. Just some of the tweets were, "yo @6ix9ine i got the tape of you hitting ariana  from the back," and "ariana grande been cheating on pete with me this whole time." Luckily it didn't take long for Big Sean to realize what was happening, so he took to Twitter to clear things up, posting a photo of himself looking off into the distance, with the caption, "Me thinkin of a better password." Some people are wondering why the hacker chose Big Sean out of all the accounts that could have been hacked? Have you ever had your social media hacked? Does anyone else besides you know your passwords?