Drake Becomes First Artist To Exceed 50 BILLION Streams

Another day, another record broken by Drake, and this one is HUGE.

Drake is officially the first and only artist to reach over 50 BILLION, not million, BILLION, streams around the world. To put it in perspective, 50 million is 6.5x the population of the entire world.

This is just one of many records Drake is hitting after releasing 'Scorpion'. He was also the first artist to hit 1 billion streams in a week. What do you think about Drake when he first came out vs. now? Did you think he would be this successful?

Drake - In My Feelings (Lyrics, Audio) "Kiki Do you love me"

Drake In My Feelings challenge Drake Kiki do you love me ✔️ Share "Drake In My Feelings (Keke do you love me)": → https://youtu.be/3WSgJCYIewM ✔️ Get Song: new Album "Scorpion" by Drake → Tracklist: Drake - Survival Drake - Nonstop Drake - Elevate Drake - Emotionless Drake - God's Plan Drake - I'm Upset Drake - 8 out of 10 Drake - Mob Ties (Ft.

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