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Travis Scott Requests To Be Moved Away From Nicki Minaj At MTV VMAs

TMZ shared a photo of the original seating charts, and it shows that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were directly behind Nicki Minaj.

Thoug, their report says it's not about the fact that Nicki Minaj has been flipping out online about Travis Scott having the number one album, while she's sitting at number 2, they said the following:

"Sources tell TMZ ... Travis will now sit on the opposite side of the room from Nicki. We're told it's more about avoiding bad optics -- Travis has the top album and shouldn't sit BEHIND the artist with the no. 2 spot -- and not about fear of retaliation or continued beef from Nicki."

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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner will now be seated next to Cardi B at the #VMAs after moving seats away from Nicki Minaj.

Ariana Grande Today on Twitter

Ariana will be sitting beside @NickiMinaj and in front of @KylieJenner, @trvisXX and more at the #VMAs tonight!


It is noted now that they will be sitting next to Cardi B instead. That'll give everyone something to talk about.