David Andrews don’t need no stinkin’ sleeves.

As of Thursday it looks like it might not be as painfully cold as expected in Kansas City on Sunday. But even if Arrowhead Stadium still felt an “arctic blast” as the Patriots took on the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots center isn’t going to change. He put it pretty bluntly when asked whether he’d wear sleeves in the extreme cold..

By Matt Dolloff, 985TheSportsHub.com

Here’s the full exchange from Wednesday at Gillette Stadium:

Q: Do you guys plan on going out there with no sleeves in the cold?

DA: I’ve never worn sleeves a day in my life so I’m just going to put on what I put on and go out there and play.

Q: Even if it’s one degree out?

DA: It’s the AFC Championship Game. I don’t really care what the temperature is. I’m just fortunate to be here.

It’s almost as if offensive linemen are tough!

In all likelihood, the temperature may hover in the 20’s anyway rather than the below-zero forecasts that came out early in the week. Weather shouldn’t be a factor in this game.

What will make the Patriots have to play and coach differently, however, is the crowd noise in Arrowhead Stadium. The Pats offense is working hard on silent snap counts and getting everyone on the same page to be as prepared as possible to play through the noise.

Andrews has had one of his best seasons as a pro, as has the entire Patriots offensive line. There’s plenty of reason to be confident they can execute at a high level on the road with the way they’ve played most of the season.

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