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Check Out The Patriots In Action At Super Bowl Opening Night! (VIDEOS)

Watch Tom Brady's advice on dealing with haters, Gronk's catwalk dancing and more from Super Bowl opening night in Atlanta!

How adorable is this kid asking Tom Brady the question about the haters!

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Tom Brady responds to the "haters" #SBOpeningNight #SBLIII https://t.co/5ZlNYdThyL


I love Tom Brady's response to this question about what advice he has for the Rams quarterback Jared Goff...

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I'm not giving him any advice." ???? #SBLIII ????: #SBOpeningNight on @NFLNetwork https://t.co/7T3lMPVOW4

Gronk, of course, made a comical entrance.  Would we expect anything less?

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FULL GRONK MODE ???????????? @RobGronkowski #SBOpeningNight https://t.co/c2WgcQWhQE

Devin McCourty wasn't impressed with Gronk's dance moves!

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Gronk was just dancing some of the worst dance moves I've ever seen." ???? @McCourtyTwins ????: #SBOpeningNight on @NFLNetwork https://t.co/iDOq93AbQv

The question on everyone's mind about Gronk was asked...

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Gronk is asked if #SBLIII could be his last game. (via @michaelirvin88) ????: #SBOpeningNight on @NFLNetwork https://t.co/LEuKXbsfJQ

Willie McGinest may have gotten Bill Belichick to smile but he didn't get him to give up any information!

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The one thing the @Patriots are focusing on to stop the Rams offense? "That's classified information." - Bill Belichick ????: #SBOpeningNight on @NFLNetwork https://t.co/eeFVs6Vgtk