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Travis Scott Thanks Wrong City During Concert

This is probably one of the biggest nightmares for a live performer - thanking the wrong city at the end of your concert.

It happened to Travis Scott on Sunday night. He shouted out, "Good night St. Louis, I love you." The problem? He was in Kansas City.

cg on Twitter

@cdotharrison https://t.co/tRBF6ViV6r

Twitter trolled Travis for the mistake. One person said he did start the show by saying "make some noise Kansas City." Somewhere in between, he got lost.

A Kollector's Kicks on Twitter

Come on bruh @trvisXX ????????‍♂️ it's Kansas City. NOT St. Louis... Kansas, City.

Alex ???? on Twitter

Travis Scott: Thanks Kansas KC: Missouri* Travis Scott: Thanks St. Louis KC: ???

Aaron Randle on Twitter

Travis Scott's last four words to the Kansas City, Missouri @SprintCenter crowd: "St. Louis, I Love You." https://t.co/eT7ijPvFDI

Jas on Twitter

@trvisXX definitely hollered "goodnight St. louis" tonight's in KANSAS CITY ????????????

RAINMAN ???? on Twitter

@trvisXX Did you call us St. Louis? ???? We're not lame af plz never do that again ????

honey???? on Twitter

Travis Scott really said "thank you St. Louis" ...

anthony on Twitter

Travis Scott thought he was in St. Louis tonight? Lmaooo