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The lyrics of Bruno Mars are featured in this edition of “The Bold & The Lyrical” and Kate Beckinsale has to choose between James Corden and Milo Ventimiglia!

Bruno Mars Soap Opera w/ Kate Beckinsale & Milo Ventimiglia

In "The Bold & The Lyrical," Kate Beckinsale finds herself caught in a love triangle between James Corden and Milo Ventimiglia. How will the three work it out using only Bruno Mars lyrics as dialogue?

Here are some older episodes of “The Bold & The Lyrical” from The Late Late Show with James Corden that feature lyrics from some of your favorite Hot 96.9 artists…

Beyonce Soap Opera w/ Meg Ryan & Adam Scott

James invites Meg Ryan and Adam Scott to appear in "The Bold and The Lyrical" - a soap opera comprised of all Beyonce lyrics.

Drake Lyrics Soap Opera w/ Kaley Cuoco & Joel McHale

James invites his guests Kaley Cuoco and Joel McHale to act in a dramatic soap opera scene in which every line of dialogue is pulled from Drake lyrics (except for one, with respect to Cardi B). Who will win Keke's heart?

Kanye West Soap Opera w/ Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel & Giovanni Ribisi

James, Bryan Cranston and Giovanni Ribisi battle over Jessica Biel's heart in a soap opera scene containing dialogue only found in Kanye West songs (except for one flub, Bryan...).