“I wanted to call it a journey because I do not want it to be called a memoir”.  You know I already pre-ordered “More Myself”!  Watch Alicia Keys and Oprah talk about AK’s upcoming book!

It’s going to be a long wait to read this book from one of my all-time favorite artists!  It will be in stores (and on my door step) on November 5th.  Click here if you want to pre-order yours like I did.

Alicia Keys posted these pics on Instagram with the caption: “I can NOT believe this is happening!! My sister, mentor, guide and the QUEEN herself Ms. @oprah helped me share my journey with you, and it’s finally here! I could not be more grateful for her endless support and light and love. Thank you, Ms. O for the opportunity to share my truth as the first release of your new book imprint. Our journeys are beautifully woven together and our messages are similar: now, more than ever, it’s time to continue to honor ourselves by walking more unrelentingly in our authenticity, no matter what! Thank you for challenging me to become MORE MYSELF.”