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R. Kelly appeared back in court today Friday.

The troubled singer-songwriter’s attorney asked the judge to postpone his request for Kelly to fly a private jet to Dubai next month to perform several shows, reports the Chicago Tribune.

No explanation was offered by Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg, on the reason for the delay besides that he wanted to provide additional material.

Judge Lawrence Flood set the next court hearing for Kelly’s sexual abuse charges for May 7, which is well after the singer-songwriter wanted to travel to the United Arab Emirates to perform three to five shows in April.

In a court filing, Greenberg asserted that the “Ignition” singer cannot find work anywhere in the United States due to a public backlash against him. The attorney stated in the filing that Kelly needs to perform overseas in order to pay off his accumulating expenses, which include child support, unpaid rent, and legal fees.

Prosecutors haven’t weighed in on the request yet.

Last month, the 52-year-old singer was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, which involves three underage girls over 10 years.

Kelly can’t leave the state of Illinois without permission per his $1million bond.

Glennisha Morgan is a Detroit-bred multimedia journalist and writer. She writes about intersectionality, hip-hop, pop culture, queer issues, race, feminism, and her truth. Follow her on Twitter @GlennishaMorgan