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Swae Lee’s ex-girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz, claims that the Rae Sremmurd member is “verbally abusive” and expects her to stay around while he does whatever he wants.

Swae Lee's Ex Accuses Him of Cheating, Splits with Him for Good

She tells us the final straw came a couple of days ago when she was on FaceTime with Swae. You can hear the rapper unsuccessfully trying to convince Marliesia she's his main squeeze, and will one day be his wife.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Ortiz said that the rapper needs to realize that he’s a want and not a need.

“He’s definitely verbally abusive not in like the matter of belittling me as a person, but he definitely tells me, like, what’s a good example? Things I should stand for. What I should be okay with because of my position. How close me and him are. Nobody could take my place. I shouldn’t care about certain situations,” Ortiz said.

“I should just look over it. And it’s crazy because I know every guy in the industry says this to their girl or has other women that they talk to and like they are just okay with it. I would never act like I’m okay with something just to have someone in my corner. That’s really not who I am. He thinks he’s a need a not a want. He needs to realize he’s a want. I’m just really over it because I want him to realize that there’s nobody else in the world who is as down as me…It’s really not worth it to me anymore.”

Swae Lee Throwing Chance and Gucci Man Under the Bus

It got worse ... Swae went on to throw Gucci Mane under the bus ... claiming his woman stood by him when he was "banging a million hos" -- and added Chance the Rapper's wife was there even when he was "broke as f**k."

During a recorded Facetime conversation between the two, Lee is heard saying,” I f***ing love you and you’re going to be my f***ing wife one day if we can make it through all of this dumb sh** bro.”

He then goes on to tell Ortiz that Chance the Rapper’s and Gucci Mane’s wives were just “down b**ches” for the rappers through “thick and thin”.

“Gucci was f***ing a billion hoes not even talking to his b****. And she still pushed through all of that sh** and came back around for that n****. Chance The Rapper, broke as f***. B****es still holding it down. You don’t get it. You still think like high school bro,” he concluded before the video cut off.

Ortiz also has a tweet from January 10 that she shared pinned to her Twitter account that reads, “Must suck to lose ur homie lover and best friend over a lil quick feeling provided by someone you have no bond with.”

Glennisha Morgan is a Detroit-bred multimedia journalist and writer. She writes about intersectionality, hip-hop, pop culture, queer issues, race, feminism, and her truth. Follow her on Twitter @GlennishaMorgan