By Matt Martinelli | The Improper Bostonian

The city’s hottest party guest has held that title during the past decade and a half for good reason. It’s nearly always on time. It arrives with a couple of expected guests. It keeps everyone in line. It attracts selfie seekers. And it exists as the life of the party without drinking all your wine or eating all your food.

When it arrived on the scene nearly 15 years ago, the Red Sox World Series trophy drew thousands of fans during its hundreds of stops. Now, it’s one of four silver beauties that travel as a symbol of Red Sox dominance in the 21st century, the latest member still in its infancy after Boston’s record-breaking 2018 season. Coming off that championship, the Sox have already gotten more than 100 requests for appearances, meaning there will be two or three trips per day to nursing homes, schools or fundraising dinners.

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