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On Friday, Miguel released his new Spanish-language EP, Te Lo Dije.

Te Lo Dije means “I told you” in English. The EP holds five tracks, four of which come from his latest studio album, War & Leisure. The EP also contains one new song, the title track, “Te Lo Dije.”

The project features Kali Uchis, C. Tangana, and Le Flor de Toloache.

Perhaps Miguel was inspired by his song “Caramelo Duro,” which was a mix of Spanish and English. The track comes from his 2017 release War & Leisure and the full Spanish version is available on Te Lo Dije.

“I want to be able to write an entire song in Spanish, but I’m practicing my Spanish now just so I can get it,” Miguel said.

“Songs in Spanish are so poetic. I think that’s one of my favorite things about Latino music, and the rhyme scheme is completely different. So I’m really nervous to do it, I don’t want it to be bad, but I’m really excited to do it.”

The EP is available on Apple Music.

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