You’ve waited 10 years for this moment. The LAST thing you need is a spoiler to ruin Avengers: Endgame.

Here are a couple tips to get you through until you see the movie. Do not read ANYTHING about the movie. Even if the title says “no spoilers.”

On Twitter, you can mute any post that has keywords as defined by you. By muting these words, posts containing them will not come up in your feed. You can choose words like “Avengers” “Endgame” “Marvel” “Thanos” etc.

You can tell Twitter how long you want the chosen words muted for, hours, days, months etc.

Stay off YouTube. But if you can’t, consider using Video Blocker. It lets you block videos, channels and comments based on keywords you select.

Shut Up Extension will let you mute the comment section on a variety of sites and platforms.

What is the statute of limitations on spoilers?