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K. Michelle Crashes Country Event And Claims She's The Next Taylor Swift

K. Michelle wants Nashville to know that she's "here," and she can sing country music.

K. Michelle Declares She's the Next Taylor Swift & Can Sing Better Than Any White Country Singer

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Over the weekend, R&B singer K. Michelle crashed a country event in Nashville and claimed that she's the next Taylor Swift.

The "Can't Raise A Man" singer got on stage and said,  "Hello Nashville. My name is K. Michelle. I have three number one albums on Billboard. I currently am here in Nashville. I have just got done sitting down with Mr. Chris Stapleton. You guys can pull it up. And I am a black girl. And guess what: I'm a black girl that sings better than any white motherf***in' country singer in Nashville right now."

"And guess what. I have a ton of your favorite people behind me. So when I say I'm the next motherf***in' Taylor Swift, it's not a motherf***in' a joke. It's the motherf***in' truth. I'm black as sh**. I listen to City Girls. And I curse motherf***as out, but guess what. I can play that motherf***in' guitar."

The Memphis native's announcement isn't too surprising being that she's been talking about her desire to sing country music for a while now. K. Michelle took to social media and explained why she did what she did.

“HEY Nashville! I was not invited but I came. I walked right up there and had a public service announcement that: Nashville “I AM HERE” you can’t keep telling me I can’t sing your music but the truth is it’s MINE," she said.

"It’s ours. We bleed the same blood. Let’s make some magical music regardless of how we look. We can all exist together.”

Below check out a snippet of K. Michelle's attempt at country music.

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