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You’re gonna either LOVE these new changes or ABSOLUTELY HATE them! They just announced a big revamp to their mobile app that and puts a bigger focus on two features: events and groups. The biggest change is that the new groups tab is in the middle row of the redesigned menu bar, giving you a personalized feed of updates from your groups. And they give you recommendations to join new groups based on your interests. There’s another new feature called Meet New Friends that connects you with strangers with shared interests or real-world connections like working at the same place or going to the same school. And it’s not in the United States yet, but it’s coming…Facebook Dating. One of the features of the dating service is Secret Crush, that lets people “express interest in” up to nine of their Facebook friends, if they have opted into Facebook dating. The mobile app redesign is rolling out now, and a desktop redesign will be out in the coming months.