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Blac Chyna spilled all the tea to Wendy Williams yesterday…talkin’ about EVERYTHING from her break up with Tyga, to him getting with Kylie, to her relationship with Rob.  She says her relationship with Tyga ended when he kicked her out of his house after he got with Kylie. She did NOT get with Rob to get back at the Kardashians.  She genuinely cared for him and wanted him to know his worth (she got with him at his most vulnerable time). As for her relationship with Kylie now, she said it’s cool cause she’s Dream’s aunt. And of course Wendy had to get down and dirty with the sex question asking who the better lover was, Tyga or Rob. After saying “neither,” she said Rob was.

Other things she revealed, she would never get back with Rob AND she’s returning to reality TV with a docu series on a streaming platform called Zeus.

Check out the full interview:

Blac Chyna Sets the Record Straight

Blac Chyna makes her "Wendy" debut and opens up about her rise to stardom, relationship with Rob Kardashian, motherhood and her business ventures. Blac reveals how she started a friendship with Kim Kardashian and why her relationship with Tyga ended. Plus, Blac talks about her relationship with her mother and how she ended up with Rob Kardashian.