USA Women Soccer Team Criticized for Excessive Celebration

How do YOU feel about this? The USA Women soccer team beat Thailand yesterday in the first World Cup match with a final score of 13-0. They broke several records along the way:

  • Most goals scored by a team in a World Cup match — men's or women's
  • Largest margin of victory in a World Cup match
  • Tie: Most goals scored by a player in a World Cup match   
  • Most individual goal scorers in a single Women's World Cup match

However, it's the excessive celebrating that many are having an issue with. Players jumping, dancing and twirling after goals after the game was well within their reach. Some called it disgusting and classless.  Do you agree?

Gared Joff on Twitter

Even worse the celebrations when up 8+ goals.. World Cup winners? Smh. Act like you've been there before